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Welcome at Coffeeshop IBIZA

We are constantly working to improve your Amsterdam coffeeshop experience. Only the BEST cannabisweed of the world since 1989.

Amsterdam Coffeeshop IBIZA is famous all over the world as the best cannabis weed coffeeshop of many famous marihuana strains. Coffeeshop IBIZA is a high quality cannabis weed coffee shop in Amsterdam, held by true cannabis weed lovers. The Coffeeshop give the best service and best cannabis weed deals. You can enjoy live sport in our home styl interior, happy people and 80 seats. Coffeeshop IBIZA is the best marijuana coffeeshop with a great selection of music where you feel like home.

Coffeeshop IBIZA is highly rated by Tripadvisor. Coffeeshop IBIZA has won a Top 10 Award best cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam. Visiting Coffeeshop IBIZA is the best cannabis coffeeshop EXPERIENCE in Amsterdam!

IBIZA, the best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam since 1989.

Smoking Lounge
Amsterdam coffeeshop lounge with air conditioning. Smoke our cannabis weed in our coffeeshop lounge with more than 80 seats, 5x 4K screens with LIVE SPORT and board games.
Free WiFi
At Coffeeshop IBIZA you can go online for an unlimited period of time free of charge with your own device.
Payment Methods
Pay with Cash and CARD at
Coffee shop IBIZA Amsterdam
Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 01:00

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Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 - 01:00
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