Dutch weed policy

The Dutch government tries to regulate the softdrugs in the Netherlands by means of coffeeshops. This limits the risks of drug use to the individual and his or her immediate environment and society. The Dutch drug policy also aims to maintain public order and combat organized crime. Every year the government controls if the coffeeshops comply with the Dutch drug policy. The government wants to keep an eye on the coffeeshops that sell drugs. And people aren’t tempted to come in contact with streetdealers in criminal circles. They want to prevent cannabis users from turning to streetdealers which also sell dangerous types of harddrugs like “white heroin” which killed 3 persons in 2015. Amsterdam coffeeshops are small café style businesses which aim to appeal to a variety of customers. The best coffeeshops offer a wide range of high quality marihuana and hashish/hash, cannabis, weed from different countries. For more extensive information on the Dutch Drug Policy, please visit the sites below:

Dutch Ministry Of Foreign AffairsTrimbos InstituutCedro – Center For Drug ResearchDrug Policy AllianceSchaffer Library Of Drug Policy