Before you really get ready to discover the city of Amsterdam; you need to pay attention to the following important tips:

1. Red Light District

When photographing a vibrant city like Amsterdam one can get carried away. In the red light district it isn’t really wise to take the camera out the case. The girls and pimps don’t appreciate it.


2. Drugs dealen.

You shouldn’t buy drugs from dealers on the street. It is illegal and the chance they will sell you fake and bad stuff is very very big. The drugs offered at our coffeeshop are safe and according to Dutch regulations.


3. Pickpockets.

When you are city seeing you shouldn’t lower you guard and stay alert. There are simply not enough police officers nor hours in the day to prevent every petty crime. Staying sharp will safe you a lot of time at the police bureau processing your official report.


4. Crossing the streets.

In the city center there are areas where the trams shares the pedestrian area. For first time visitors who aren’t aware of this danger need to pay attention. In most cases the tram has a right of way.