Navigating Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Visiting coffeeshops in Amsterdam is essential to your journey as a lover of cannabis. In previous years, when buying cannabis products was illegal in North America, Amsterdam offered a haven to cannabis-loving travelers. 

While the cannabis market has opened up globally, visiting Amsterdam’s retinue of coffeeshops is an essential ritual for individuals looking to understand the cannabis story. Alongside a unique stoner culture, the city offers picturesque landscapes, history, and entertainment. 


Amsterdam Coffeeshop Etiquette And Advice

In Amsterdam, one thing you’ll never experience is weed scarcity. However, finding affordable buds rich in terpenes just like what you get in the States comes with a different twist. To aid the weed aspect of your Amsterdam coffeeshop experience, we’ve come up with some tips to enjoy coffeeshops visits in Amsterdam. 

  • The Juice Is At Coffeeshops
    The beauty of smoking weed in Amsterdam coffeeshops is that there are places designed to make you feel welcome. You don’t have to worry about offending people by smoking in public, thanks to establishments called Coffeeshops. Coffeeshops and several pot-friendly restaurants and bars allow cannabis lovers to smoke freely and without interference. 


  • Time Your Coffeeshop Visit
    Visiting Amsterdam coffeeshops on a weekday allows you to bask in the moment due to the reduced population of the establishment. Popular coffeeshops are often crowdy on weekends and during festival celebrations due to an influx of tourists like yourself. So, you should prepare yourself when planning a weekend visit. 


  • Delicious and Affordable Munchies
    While the obvious item on the menu list is cannabis, coffeeshops in Amsterdam also sell snacks and drinks that come in handy when the munchies set in. Asides from this, most outlets prefer customers patronizing them in exchange for table space.  


  • Be Curious
    If you’re visiting a cannabis hub, you should at least experience something new. The budtenders at Amsterdam coffeeshops are tourist-friendly and open to answering your weed questions. Besides, you just might discover a strain enjoyable as those you get back home.You should remain mindful of the differences between Amsterdam and American standards of cannabis culture. Though the Dutch offer a different perspective, it doesn’t make Amsterdam weed inferior or less enjoyable. The experiences are just different sides of one big stoner puzzle. 


  • Ask, and you shall receive
    Another perk of visiting Amsterdam is the people. The Dutch population isn’t only friendly, but helpful as well. There are also lots of English speakers and tourists like yourself looking to have a good time. So don’t be shy or too uptight to chat or share joints with people at the coffeeshop.