About us

Our Story: Puff, puff, pass the word!

Coffeeshop Ibiza is the biggest coffeeshop in Amsterdam and known by the locals for the place to be if you are in for a smoke. Our menu can be described as quality and highly addictive and we are not kidding! We set our self apart from the rest by selling the best stuff and great prices.
While enjoying our wide selection of cannabis, weed to smoke you can order cookies and cream cupcakes with a great cup of coffee or our wide selection of tea. At coffeeshop Ibiza we feel that smoking shouldn’t be rushed. Coffeeshop Ibiza has six big screens where we usually play live sports, some cardboard games and arcade games. We have two wonderful and completely different seating area of 120m2 with a friendly, modern and great atmosphere. Downstairs is more chilled and laid back with less impressive (but firing) decor, then upstairs is beautiful, with a variety of furnishings that are pretty elegant. Ibiza is located in a very quiet area so it’s not touristy as well!

Since 1989 we have been around for a long time and strive to keep on doing a healthy business. For over 27 year our coffeeshop is considered to be the best in Amsterdam by locals. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff stand for quality and a customer oriented approach.

A couple of years ago we re-designed our interior and we show live sport on 6 screens, so relaxing at our coffeeshop is more comfortable than ever. It’s located in a narrow walking street just off the Dutch bank ( Nederlandsche Bank) in a very nice neighborhood at the edge of the Arty Albert Cuyp. A visit to Coffeeshop IBIZA is not just a stop at a Amsterdam coffeeshop; it is an experience. Take your time exploring the website, we hope to see you soon.