Corona measures

Safely score a nice joint at the pick-up counter of Coffeeshop Ibiza

These have been unclear and confusing times since the outbreak of the corona crisis. Coffeeshop Ibiza suddenly had to close its doors on March 15, 2020, just like all other coffee shops to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Everyone still remembers the long queues who wanted to stock up on cannabis in the last half hour before closing. In fact, our coffee shop in Amsterdam has since become a pick-up point for weed, cannabis, marijuana or hash. We have taken maximum measures so that our customers can visit our coffee shop on Hemonystraat for a delicious joint safely and in compliance with the corona rules. 


The best cannabis available 7 days a week 

For many, it is difficult to estimate the current state of corona policy in the Netherlands. And what the consequences are for the coffee shops. We are constantly being asked about exactly how cannabis is dispensed in our business. Which is not surprising, as the situation (and with it the government measures) are constantly changing. 

The government decided on March 15 this year to close all coffee shops immediately. To come back to this the next day, after criticism from mayors that the illegal trade would increase enormously. The important social function and significance of coffee shops suddenly became clear: they were allowed to remain open as a pick-up counter. On July 1, 2020, we were allowed to open completely again, to have to return to the status of pick-up counter on October 14. A situation that is currently still in force. It is possible 7 days a week (from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.) to safely collect the best cannabis at Coffeeshop Ibiza. We are here for you! 


Range of hygiene and safety measures for worry-free cannabis takeout 

Coffeeshop Ibiza has a wide clientele. From students to business people, from construction workers to tourists. People of all ages and nationalities. We take the coronavirus seriously. We have implemented a series of hygiene and safety measures to ensure a safe visit to our coffee shop. 

The routing in our coffee shop has been adjusted and is clearly indicated so that everyone can find their way safely and there is no congestion. If it gets too busy at a certain time and customers have to wait outside, we put a tent outside during rain. This is how we ensure that our customers stay dry. 

  • At least 1.5 distances between the visitors or collectors of our coffee shop
  • Separation between the Ibiza employee and the customer
  • Staff Ibiza Coffeeshop works with a mouth mask and gloves
  • Not too many customers (with mandatory mouth mask) inside at the same time
  • Hygienic payment system, with disinfection of the touchscreens after each use
  • When paying in cash, deposit the money without physical contact with the employee
  • It’s not allowed to sit inside yet, but you can pick up cannabis!


Variety of cannabis is unchanged large, quality cannabis is unchanged good 

The measures have been temporarily adjusted in this corona era, but with multiple vaccines on the way in the near future, light is shining at the end of the horizon. The range and quality of the cannabis at Coffeeshop Ibiza is always unchanged large and good. You can come to us for a tasty joint from Monday to Sunday, so every day, from 09:00 a.m. to 8:00. Simply, to relax for a while or to forget the stress of current life or working from home. 

Everyone has to keep it up for a while, after which we can hopefully return to normal soon. We are grateful to our loyal customers that they have continued to visit Coffeeshop Ibiza in recent months. And we gladly invite new customers to sample our high-quality range. Safe and sound, healthy and well. See you soon!