Coffeeshop De Pijp

“Puff, puff, pass the word!“

Have you ever visited the coffee shop in De Pijp, which is seen as the best in the capital by both customers in the city and the surrounding area as well as by tourists? Coffeeshop Ibiza, with its versatile range of weed, hash, cannabis, and marijuana, is one of Amsterdam’s major coffee shops. We have been around since 1989. In more than 30 years, we have built up a wide and diverse customer base that values us highly, both in the reviews on our website and on Tripadvisor. Come and visit Hemonystraat and experience our hospitality and quality of cannabis products.

The best weed

The best hash

Pre-rolled joints

The coffee shop in De Pijp is a shop and place for relaxation and meeting people

As a coffee shop in De Pijp, Ibiza is more than a shop where various soft drugs are sold. We are also a relaxation and meeting spot and a nice place to enjoy your cannabis. Our coffee shop consists of a downstairs and upstairs area, with many seats. There are two sitting areas (of 120 m2), and there is a dedicated smoking lounge with 70 seats to smoke your weed, hash or marijuana. Take a look inside with our virtual 3D tour.

The interior of coffeeshop Ibiza invites you to relax. There are six large screens scattered throughout the property to watch live sports. There are board games and an arcade game to play, and there is the possibility to surf the internet for free with your smartphone, tablet or laptop for an indefinite period of time. Our customer-friendly employees are happy to bring you a cup of coffee or tea with a cookie or cupcake.

Menu with favourite classics and attractive new products

As a coffee shop in De Pijp, Ibiza pays a lot of attention to selecting the products. You will discover your favourite classics as well as attractive and interesting new products on our menu. The percentage of THC is indicated for each product. Hash contains more THC than cannabis because hash is a concentrated product of cannabis. In addition, the type of soft drug is listed: Indica or Sativa. Coffeeshop Ibiza is proud to have won the Top 10 Award of best product shops in Amsterdam. Our menu offers you:

Cannabis Indica

Silver, Purple Berry, Watermelon Kush, Gelato Zkittles, Girl Scout Cookies, Og Rolex Kush.

Cannabis Sativa

Jungle, Amnesia Haze, Lemon Haze, Pineapple Xprs, Blue Dream, Green Crack.

Hash & Moonrock

Twizla, Caramelo, Manali Black, Lemon Hash, Beldia, Space Rock.

Vooraf gedraaide joints

Pure Indica, Og Kush, Purple Berry, Wiet Indica, Pure Sativa, Green Crack, Amnesia Haze, Wiet Sativa, Moonrock, Beldia, Caramelo, Polm.

Excellent value for money for the best cannabis products

Our coffee shop in De Pijp is located in a narrow street, in a quiet neighbourhood of Amsterdam. In other words, not in a tourist hotspot, but a peaceful area. It is not far from the building of the Dutch National Bank (DNB). The Albert Cuyp is also nearby. Our coffee shop is known by locals as well as tourists around the world as “the place to be for a nice smoke”. Our excellent value for money is renowned; our service is widely praised. Have a beautiful experience and visit our popular coffee shop.

Collect weed, hash, marijuana or cannabis at the Ibiza counter

In this time of corona and restrictive measures, you can still score a joint at Ibiza. Our coffee shop in De Pijp currently functions as a pick-up counter for weed, hash, marijuana or cannabis. We have taken appropriate measures to guarantee our customers a safe visit to our shop in Hemonystraat. Our best products are available 7 days a week, from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. We are at your service, allowing you to relax for a while or forget the current stress of these times or the compulsory working from home.